What Are the Career Paths and Scope of an Android Developer?


Keen to learn Android but not sure how relevant an Android developer’s job is in the current scenario? You would be surprised to know that in India the demand for Android developers is seeing a steady growth. A search on the Internet will show you the overwhelming number of job openings for skilled Android developers within the country and abroad. So leave your worries aside and enroll for an Android course today!

Why Has Android Development Become So Popular?

Today, India is second only to China in terms of Android users. You would be surprised to know that there are more Android users than iOS users in the country. With easy access to the Internet with companies such as Jio offering lucrative mobile data plans, the usage of Android users in the country has further shot up. With more and more users adding to the pool of Android users in the country, the demand for apps and consequently Android developers who have sound Android training has seen significant increase over the years.

What are the Opportunities at Employment that an Android Developer Can Look At?

If you are enrolled in Android classes and keen to know what the industry is looking for, you would be happy to know that the opportunities for an Android developer have diversified tremendously. Besides the IT sector, several other industries are now opening up vacancies for skilled Android developers.

Here’s a look:


E-commerce has registered phenomenal growth over the years. Besides being convenient, e-commerce offers its customers the opportunity to find the best deals from across the Internet at their fingertips. Most e-commerce users now use their mobile phones to purchase items ranging from groceries to furniture. This has resulted in a surge in demand for well-trained Android developers who can develop user-friendly apps. By enrolling for an online Android course with reputed institutes such as Tops Technologies, you can take the first step towards building a career as an Android developer for a leading e-commerce company.


Who doesn’t like playing games? The popularity of games in India is wide-spread, resulting in the sector registering the highest RoI. With the sector growing leaps and bounds in the country, it has opened up innumerable job opportunities for Android developers. If you wish to pursue a career in the gaming industry, you must enroll for an android app development course from a reputed institute.


The education sector has seen a paradigm shift in the mode of teaching and learning. While mortar and brick institutions still enjoy popularity, several educational digital platforms have cropped up. These platforms or educational apps make it easier for students to learn at their time and pace. As a result, digital learning platforms are getting increasingly popular. Such platforms are actively looking for app developers. If you wish to make the most of the opportunities that the educational sector is offering, you must enroll for an android development course online with Tops Technologies.


Over the years and especially after the lockdown that came on the heels of the COVID19 pandemic, people across the country have shown preference in online transactions. Most banks have mobile applications that allow users to continue banking with just a few clicks on their PCs and mobile phones. Developing and maintaining apps for banks is not an easy task. Besides the security of monetary transactions, banks need to ensure that their customer details remain safe.

While the opportunities are innumerable, the place that you choose to pursue training in Android development also matters. Leading Android institutes such as Tops Technologies offer exhaustive Android app development courses which can give you a thorough understanding of the subject and hands-on learning to ensure practical learning.

Let Us Help You Kick Start Your Career in Android Development

Tops Technologies offers you 100 percent practical-driven Android classes from the best trainers. You can learn Android and pick up skills that are relevant in the industry today through our online Android course. To know more about Android training or Android interview questions and answers, you can get in touch with us by calling us at +91–9974755006 or writing to us at inquiry@tops-int.com. We would be delighted to help you!



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