How to Crack Android Interviews in 2022?


With the popularity of smartphones growing globally, the demand for Android developers is increasing too. Studies show that while iOS phones enjoy extensive popularity, Android dominates the market. Consequentially, more and more companies are looking at releasing Android apps for their services and products.

Technological advancements are dynamic and continually evolving, which means that developers have to go beyond their Android development training course and upskill regularly. So if you are a student, this is the time for you to ask questions on current industry trends and tools that are relevant. If you are a working professional, you can use your time to get acquainted and trained in newer technologies and tools.

Here, we discuss some of the interview questions that will help you prepare for a job interview. Whether you are a student or an experienced professional, you can use the information to streamline your job search process and increase your chances of getting hired.

How to Prepare for an Android Developer Job Interview?

Keep Your Fundamentals Clear

The simplest way to ace a job interview is to get your basics right. Make sure you ask the right questions after enrolling in an Android course to enhance your knowledge.

Be Ready for Questions on Data Structures and Algorithms

Your interview can ask questions on concepts, tools and techniques that are industry-relevant. If you are a student enrolled in an android app development course, use your time to absorb information on data structures and algorithms before you sit for an interview.

Showcase Your Previous Work

If you have worked on Android projects before or released your apps on the Google Playstore in the past, you may discuss your experience, including the approach and strategy, and any special achievements. Besides these points, read up on the company where you are applying. Go through the work they have done so far and make sure to share your thoughts on what you can offer in terms of skills and knowledge.

Usually through Android interview questions for experienced candidates, recruiters gauge candidates on their technical expertise, preparedness for the interview and ability to communicate and present ideas that can add value to the company’s services. Try and engage in a discussion wherein you share your previous experiences and engage with the interviewers in a meaningful manner.

Expected Android Developer Interview Questions

The following list of questions includes basic to advance Android interview questions to help you prepare for a job interview.

Basic Questions for Aspirants

Which is the latest version of Android?

Android 12.0 launched in October 2021

What are the different components of Android?

a. Activities
b. Services
c. Intent
d. Resource Externalization
e. Notification
f. Content Provider

What are the different architecture layers of Android?

a. Linux Kernel
b. Libraries
c. Android Libraries
d. Android Runtime
e. Application Framework
f. Application

Android Developer Interview Questions for Professionals

Why can’t you run Java byte code on Android?

To run a Java byte, you need Java Virtual Machine. Android uses the Dalvik Virtual Machine, which does not support running a Java byte.

If you are an experienced candidate, you may have a fair idea of the answer to this question. However, if you aspire to be a successful developer, an Android certification course can help you learn about these features and functions.

What is AAPT?

AAPT stands for Android Asset Packaging Tool, which helps a developer handle zip-compatible archives, i.e., create, extract and view the contents.

What is DDMS?

The Dalvik Debug Monitor Server is a debugging tool offered by Google SDK. It offers features such as Logcat, Local data spoofing, incoming call and SMS spoofing, network traffic tracking, thread and heap information and screen capture device. You can learn more about DDMS by taking a formal Android course offered by reputable institutes such as TOPS Technologies.

What do you know about ART?

ART or Android Run Time is a runtime environment and is capable of executive Dalvik Executable format and Dex bytecode specification.

What are the different states of an activity?

A change in configuration causes a change in the state of activity. The major activity states include
a. Active: When there is an ongoing activity
b. Pause: When it is running in the background and is visible to the user
c. Stopped: When it is obscured by another
d. Destroyed: When the activity is killed

What is a dialog, and name the dialog box supported by Android?

A dialog box is a small prompt window that allows a user to input additional information. Android supports alert, process, date picker and time picker dialog boxes.

What are the exceptions in Android?

Exceptions are errors that occur due to ill-logical codes in the program. The exceptions in Android include InflateException, Surface.OutofReachException, SurfaceHolder.BadSurfaceTypeException and WindowManager.BadTokenException.

TOPS Technologies offers an exhaustive Android training program that allows you to learn about these concepts and prepare you for the industry.

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